Future Interventions/Projects

RoundTable Discusions

  • Discussions and conversations with experts where MRM can determine the root cause of problems facing the country.
  • A well-informed project production of intellectual material for MRM.

School Projects

  • MRM notes the incidents that have been happening around schools in South Africa which are amongst others school being close down because of lack of social cohesion in the community and amongst parents-young boys of age 7-8 being raped during school hours, racism in schools, bullying, drugs and alcohol abuse amongst learners, learners murdering each other, all these as former president of the country Dr Nelson Mandela said “are an outward form of a diseased social climate which affects all of us”
  • To develop ethical and values driven leadership in schools and communities.
  • To promote safer schools by promoting school safety in partnership with Department of Basic Education and South African Police Services.
  • To get community leaders and structures to address social issues facing school and communities.
  •  To use the Charter of Positive Values and the Bill of Rights to address abuse of any kind, racism and xenophobia in schools and community.

ReportBack Summit

  • Report back to the Nation on the work of MRM since its launch. A Forum for dialogue to foster social cohesion, undermine stereotypes and reflect on the role of the family, leadership, religion, education, media. A situational analysis of moral challenges.
  • Report back to the Nation on the work of MRM since its launch. 
  • Presentation of Papers relevant to the work of MRM.
  • MRM founding principles and how to ensure their effective implementation.
  • Recommitment to the Charter of Positive Values.
  • Unveiling of the MRM logo, Brand Identity and Culture.

Education Summit

  • The student movement “#fees must fall” showed that student can come together to fight for one goal, however the violence that followed the campaign highlighted the need for ethical driven leadership amongst student and in institutions of higher learning. The issues of rape highlighted in Rhodes University are some of the challenges that student continue to face in institutions of higher learning.
  • To develop ethical and values driven leadership in institutions of higher learning and communities. 
  • To have each university to adopt the charter of positive values.

Public lectures

  • To celebrate the key role that prominent people in our country played in the establishment of the Moral Regeneration Movement, including the critical issues of ethical leadership and clean corporate governance in the Public and private sectors.
  • To celebrate the lives of people who have modelled ethics and values in our country. 
  • To get in depth understanding of challenges facing the country. 
  • To engage scholars on ideas in which MRM can archive moral renewal.
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MRM Communication Programme

  • MRM Billboards, Radio Adverts and MRM Short Film to communicate the different values of the Charter.
  • The public profile of MRM will be greatly enhanced.
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